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PALA is special supplier on the market of office and profesional print finishing more than 24 Years.

We deliver the best Quality consumables for binding and laminating, we represent top Brands of print finishing technology…

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Binding & Laminating Supplies!

Wide range of premium quality supplies eurosupplies

for comb and wire binding, laminating, ID accesories, thermobinding.



felsh73cireinsrw360comfort Wide range of branded office equipment. Shredders, comb binders, wire binders, laminators, rotary trimmers…

Print finishing Machines

repebaci7260ltGuillotines, Calendar Binding Machines, Creasers&Perfo­rators, Laminators, Folders, Automatic cutters, Bookletmakers…

Represented Brands

CYKLOS GPM 450 SA Perfect for creasing..

Ideal for Printfinishing in Copy-Shops or in Printinghouse. The best choice for variety of Creasing&Perfo­rating Jobs. csgpm450sa mincyklos

More about CYKLOS Creasing and Perforating Machines