Fastbind supplies

It is divided into two areas: material for producing printed (personalized) hard coverbooks and standardized hard or soft book covers.


FASTBIND offers different ways to produce book block:
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  • PERFECT BINDING, book block sheets glued with hot melt adhesive (SECURA, ELITE, ELITE XT, PUREVA XT)
  • BINDING, book block sheets stitched with staples on side. (BooXTer machine)
  • BINDING PHOTOALBUM, sheets of book block are glued by double-sided mounting sheets. (PhotoMount F32, F42, F46e)

FASTBIND works with these standardized book block formats:
A4 (210×297mm) portrait, A4 (297×210mm) landscape, A3 (297×420mm) portrait, A3 (420×297mm) landscape, 203×203mm , 305×305mm, 457×457mm.