Slide biders

Both rounded ends allows easy paper insertion. Binds together unpunched papers. Ideal for use with A4 size front or back covers. Boxed 50.


Holds up to 30, 60 and 120 sheets. Five diferent colours.

Slide binder 0-3 mm

barva blue50 Pcs /Pack58 in stockEUR 6,50  
barva black50 Pcs /Pack126 in stockEUR 6,50  
barva red 50 Pcs /Pack7 in stockEUR 6,50  
barva clear50 Pcs /Pack46 in stockEUR 6,50  
barva white50 Pcs /Pack82 in stockEUR 6,50  

Slide binder 3-6 mm

barva blue50 Pcs /Pack2 in stockEUR 7,50  
barva black50 Pcs /Pack111 in stockEUR 7,50  
barva red 50 Pcs /Pack31 in stockEUR 7,50  
barva clear50 Pcs /Pack73 in stockEUR 7,50  
barva white50 Pcs /Pack108 in stockEUR 7,50  

Slide binder 9-12 mm

barva blue50 Pcs /Pack96 in stockEUR 10,50  
barva black50 Pcs /Pack116 in stockEUR 10,50  
barva red50 Pcs /Pack66 in stockEUR 10,50  
barva clear50 Pcs /Pack20 in stockEUR 10,50  
barva white50 Pcs /Pack25 in stockEUR 10,50