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A non-registered customer has a posibility to view a complete offer of the products including the prices and stock availability on our warehouse. If you want to know your own contractual price (Your price) and if you want to order you must register.

To register fill out your User name (VAT ID Number) and password in Sign in

How to register

You can Sign in if you are already registered by filling in your VAT ID Number (user name) and the password.

If you are not registered fill out your data (by filling out register form) and your password.

If your registration has already existed but you forgot your password, please Ask for Your Password!

Once you submit your registration form, you will be taken to the next page „Your Account“, your address details should automatically appear. You can start to browse. You can see Your secured information area and You can order by using integrated e-shop.


Add all items you need in the „Shopping Basket“ and submit together with the confirmation of your personal data.

The products can be added in the shopping basket from the index or from the details where are information about the stock availability and the price. Change the quantity in frame and confirm.

After „adding in shopping basket“ you can see the index in the right upper corner. You can go on adding or click at „shopping basket“, where the content will be viewed.

Shopping Basket

The chosen products are concentrated in the Shopping Basket where you have the possibility to edit them, that means to delete, to add or to view the details. After adding all items which you want submit click at „CHECKOUT“.

The shopping basket is empty by clicking on „empty“ or by proceeding the order. Sign in and sign out has no influence on the content of the shopping cart, the content is stored always.

Achievement of the order

For achievement of order is necessary to check all datas about the conditions of delivery, payment, contact and billing and delivery address.

If any data is not correct please note it in „Your note to us“. We will respond as soon as possible.

Once you click at „PROCEED THE ORDER“ your order will be send to us. Inmediate e-mail confirmation to will follow .

Your account

If you are signed in you have the secured summary of information Your Account History at your disposal.

You have the basic information about your identification and personal commercial conditions at the top of the screen.

The bottom of the screen offers the information about „History of account“.

History of account

Summary of opened orders

After submitting, the order is short time (aprox. with in one hour) viewed here. You can print it out.

When the order is being processed and prepared for expedition, it is transfered in the „Complete order history – Summary of invoices“.

You can find the products which are not available in „Summary of orders“. The products will be delivered as soon as possible. Beforre sending them You will get alert from us for Your final confirmation.

Complete order history

Here is a summary of invoices. Click on its no. to view. Very important is the information about the payment.


You can do in this section:

Editing of your contact datas

Here is possible to fill out an request of changing your contact datas. The change will be executed as soon as possible. The change must be authorize by the operator.

Changing your password

Here you can amend your password.

Sign out

Here you can Sign out.